architects 49 integrates its diagonal house into the forested landscape

tropical architecture in thailand


architects 49 designs a dwelling in thailand dubbed ‘diagonal house’ in celebration of its client’s love for tropical architecture. they wanted something in the team’s signature style, but also something unique and never seen from the studio before. intrigued and eager to create a sense of familiarity in a work that is different and new, the team looked to its past works and proceeded to design with a twist. in fact, the design team literally twisted the core of the house to achieve a new design that fits into its natural context, especially the surrounding slopes and trees.

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the diagonal house by architects 49


because the diagonal house is a multi-family residence, the team at architects 49 carefully organizes the layout with attention to the movements and circulation of the residents. living quarters for each family were clearly separated, while still maintaining convenient contact with one another. in this way, the project achieves a sense of a familiar environment within the new design.


the dwelling is realized with a material palette that is popular in the area, but not commonly used in residential designs. the team notes its use of brass, which is more often found in palaces or temples. these brass elements are integrated into the home to create a touch of modernity and to reflect the owner’s fondness for opulence. this complements the tropical architecture base which was designed to be simple and down to earth.

diagonal house architects 49



evolving materials


architects 49 designs its diagonal house so that is might age naturally and see its beauty evolve across time. eventually the brass will change from gold to brown and ultimately turn black while the gold teak will fade in color as it ages. this intentional detail requires less maintenance as the materials are allowed to exhibit their natural properties over time and the beauty of the home is naturally enhanced.


as these changes occur, the atmosphere of the dwelling evolves in turn. the design team notes that this can be likened to the vibrant color of leaves brought about by the changing seasons. the natural world is subtly and profoundly embedded in this house through the selection of materials and its careful placement within the surrounding landscape, essentially merging the architecture and natural environment together. this house is an expression of time and nature.

diagonal house architects 49 thailand-based architects 49 integrates its diagonal house into the forested landscape thailand-based architects 49 integrates its diagonal house into the forested landscape