BTS’ V wins hearts with his ‘7 trees’ poem

BTS’ V wins hearts with his ‘7 trees’ poem

BTS’ V has once again proved that he has a heart of gold through his latest poem dedicated to each of the group members. The K-pop idol recently narrated a short, self-composed poem in the very first episode of BTS Become Game Developers, a miniseries that shows behind-the-scene action of the group’s online game called BTS Island: In the SEOM.


The exciting virtual game has a rich and exciting story. It is set on a peaceful island, co-created by the septet for its fans, ARMY.

In the first episode, V wrote a poem named 7 trees. The heartwarming poem went on to explain the the different personalities of each member.

K-pop idol V swept fans off their feet with his short and meaningful poem, with everyone praising him for his tremendous effort. One fan commented on the beauty of Taehyung or V’s poem and said,

“Taehyung wrote a beautiful poem in such a short amount of time. A beautiful mind that makes beautiful art.”

Taehyung wrote a beautiful poem in such a short amount of time. A beautiful mind that makes beautiful art. 7 TREES by V

ARMYs react to BTS V’s 7 trees poem

On April 26, the K-pop boy group revealed behind-the-scenes content of their co-created game, BTS Island: In the SEOM on YouTube. In its first episode, each member had fun designing the game and proved themselves to be true game developers. They discussed ideas and pitches for the game, and in the end, SUGA’s concept was chosen.

Each member did their best, especially V, who wrote a heart-touching poem that created a buzz on social media. The Christmas Tree crooner dedicated the poem to his group mates as part of the presentation. The translated version of the poem reads:

“Seven unique trees with different shapes and looks gathered and became a huge forest. One’s bright like a ginkgo tree. One’s sensitive like a maple tree. And one’s warm and beautiful like a cherry blossom…The forest might not consist of the same trees, but with these trees, I will be happy also. Let’s make our forest warm and happy so we can have a warm and happy time of relaxation. Seven trees.”

Upon hearing the poem, fans of the group, known as ARMY, took to various social media platforms to express their excitement. Fans are praising him for his genius poem and calling him a true poet.

@fairytaegis V 🥹🥺 i can feel all the emotions from his poem. They are unique in their own way and that’s why I love them all soo much

taehyung’s 7 Trees poem is so beautiful, meaningful and accepting of others..he is so poetic and i can imagine him writing lovely lyrics for his songs :)still listening to #V_ChristmasTree #ChristmasTree #V @BTS_twt

Kim taehyung is an amazing and talented writer & poet, he has been writing poems since he was kid. Also, he writes it so beautifully and meaningful. He won a poetry competition in one of their games before 😆 he’s a genius and has wonderful skills about poems!

BTS were asked to come up with an acrostic poem. Taehyung titled his poem as : 7 Trees He wrote a beautiful poem in 10 mins. He is a genius with his words. He really took us back in time with that bgm.

@KTH_Facts Kim Taehyung 🥺😭💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 he is a true poet, a true genius, whose beautiful heart & mind get expressed so beautifully in words. Taehyung is so genuinely lovely.💜

@KTH_Facts Taehyung’s beautiful and genius mind. The way he paints imagery with his words to express how he feels or wants to convey to the audience. This is why people connect to the songs that he wrote bc they can see and feel the songs when they listen to it.

@KTH_Facts Tae is really one of a kind. 🔥 Impressive as always..My choice Billboard Hot Trending Song is #V_ChristmasTree the Global Hit OST of the year #ChristmasTree by #V of @BTS_twt

@KTH_Facts He loves the bond he has with all the members and always makes it a point to express that bond 💜

How and where to play BTS Island: In the SEOM?


Somewhat similar to other island games, players need to match puzzle pieces together to earn points which will unlock several features so they can finally create a personalized Bangtan Sonyeondan island. The fun game includes animated versions of the BTS members who help players construct an island for relaxation and healing.

There is also the option to change the style of each artist as and when players unlock special features after constructing buildings and solving various puzzles.

Pre-registration for the game has already begun on April 26. According to the Apple App Store, the new game will be released on June 28, 2022.

Edited by Mohini Banerjee