Chalk artist finds beauty, satisfaction in ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ sidewalk artwork

Chalk artist finds beauty, satisfaction in ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ sidewalk artwork

Splendor can be fleeting. A sunset’s coral and azure streaks, overtaken by darkness. A vivid pink leaf, blown absent by the autumn winds. And a colourful alfresco artwork that will shortly drop victim to rain, sprinklers — or even just the toes of pedestrians.

Applying chalk on pavement to make transient functions of artwork is Clifton Gold’s side hustle. By working day, the Milpitas-primarily based artist works in printing creation for San Jose Condition College. On weekends, he travels to sidewalk artwork festivals, from neighborhood-dependent Bay Spot events to invitation-only festivals, together with Santa Barbara’s prestigious I Madonnari Italian Road Painting Competition.

So we asked him for an insider’s see of the style.

Q What do you like about this medium?

A The ephemeral nature. Due to the fact the work is not lasting, and the materials are affordable, it lets you to experiment and attempt approaches and subjects you would not usually do on paper or canvas. It is pleasurable to get collectively with like-minded men and women, generate colourful function for the audience and appreciate the sunshine and reside audio!

Q You are a colour-blind artist who has succeeded in a visual, lively industry. Notify us about that.

A Yes, I am shade blind. Browns, reds and greens seem the exact, so do blues and purples, and lime greens and yellows. Relatives and pals support me label my chalk. Around time, I have also acquired what colours are where by in the many brands’ boxes, and I have an app on my mobile phone that also assists detect hues.

That challenge has led me to create my very own style and chalking strategies. My main artwork model is encouraged by pen-and-ink drawings and doodle patterns, so I use a good deal of black chalk in the foundation of my parts, then I accent with colors and white highlights. It’s kind of like a large coloring guide. The audience sees the piece create from black and white to glowing color throughout the function.

Q Which of your sidewalk creations stand out in your memory?

A “The Backyard garden Keeper” that I did at the Chalk Competition in Venice, Florida, in 2019 was one particular of the most challenging but rewarding activities. This was the major and most detailed piece I’ve completed (12 toes by 12 ft), and the to start with two days of the festival ended up riddled with rain and powerful winds. But the piece arrived out improved than I envisioned and was perfectly-gained. I also appreciate executing the Chalk It Up pageant in Sacramento with my nieces. We usually generate a piece primarily based on their concepts, and they enable do all the coloring.

Q What would you like persons to realize about this genre?