Cockroach Infestations in Round Rock: Common Species to Deal With

Cockroach Infestations in Round Rock: Common Species to Deal With

Cockroaches are common household pests that cause homeowners regular headaches. While there are thousands of roach species in the world, five of them are common in Round Rock, Texas. Finding these creatures inside your house can be horrifying. Consequently, what you do next will dictate how quickly you can eliminate them. Using DIY methods to eliminate the issue can be a big mistake.

Every DIY pest control product that does not succeed only offers cockroaches time to spread the infestation. When it comes to these pests, things can quickly go out of control. Stride Pest Control will use the right products for the specific species of roaches that have infested your home. Identifying the species is essential due to their unique characteristics and qualities. The following are the most common species of cockroaches in Round Rock:

American Cockroaches

 These species are also known as water bugs because of their overwhelming size. However, American roaches are not water bugs. Indeed, they can fly throughout your house as they have wings. They are the biggest variety of roaches that can grow up to 2 inches long. They can be distinguished by the yellow figure 8 patterned design on their head.

Female American roaches can lay up to sixteen eggs at once. In general, these eggs hatch quickly, often within just two weeks. No matter the living conditions, they would prefer to be in mulch or woodpiles outdoors. To survive, they need water, so they can move into your crawlspace and basement when water is available there.

German Roaches

These species are known for being hard to kill. Regardless of your best prevention efforts, they can feed on glue on an envelope. They can be distinguished by their tan to light brown coloring and two stripes down their back.

German roaches in Round Rock nest in humid and warm locations. In your house, they can live in your bathroom or kitchen due to the abundance of water and food. These roaches have endless appetites and will consume everything including toothpaste, soap, all types of glues, and everything in your kitchen.

Oriental Cockroaches

These species are usually mistaken for black beetles because their back has a shiny, hard black shell. Oriental roaches can be up to 1 inch long. They prefer to nest in damp areas; however, they look for gaps in siding, pipe insulations, and doorways to nest. Eliminating them is challenging because they can quickly run from insecticides by hiding in hard-to-reach areas.

Brown Branded Cockroaches

Usually, these species are confused with other species, particularly because they favor German roaches. Brown-branded roaches blend in with cabinets, which makes it hard to detect their presence. These roaches have bands that wrap around their bodies. Their females have wings, although they do not develop fully. Only male brown-branded roaches can fly about your house.

These roaches live only up to 200 days; however, they can lay 250 eggs during this time. Such roaches love things hot and frequent areas that get beyond 80 degrees. They prefer to nest in dry areas. When it gets warmer, they can hide in the upper cabinet areas and ceilings in bathrooms and kitchens. These are the species that get behind light switches because electricity generates heat.

When it comes to cockroaches, you cannot just purchase chemicals over the counter and just hope they will work. It is usually important to hire a professional pest control service because treatment involves the use of professional-strength pesticides. Also, knowledgeable and skilled technicians in Round Rock will work alongside you to eliminate a cockroach infestation and prevent this from happening again in the future.