Deciphering the abstract of the Gozitan landscape

Deciphering the abstract of the Gozitan landscape

In British artist’s Jamie F’s terms, “artists are the archaeo­logists of the upcoming tense extracting this means from the quite edges of reality”. 

His exhibition of photographs at Arthall zooms into the geo­logy of Gozo, creating abstracted landscapes out of microcosmic features that instantly stand out as valleys, crevasses, outcroppings and lakes. 

We are inclined to walk on these habitats, not supplying a treatment about the elegance in the color, texture and meanderings of formations beneath our toes that took tens of millions of decades to consider condition. 

There is a feeling of fragile solidity in Jamie F’s operate, a monu­mental documentation of habitats amid the realm of fossilised limestone. This personal architecture of the land sings and resonates, inviting us to be close and personalized, while reimagining doable narratives and introducing far more legends to an island that flourishes in them. 

In these operates, a single imme­diate­ly notices, with the exception of mosses and lichens, the striking absence of flora and fauna. The only flow is that of puddles or rivulets of h2o in any other case, time stands however as geology compartmentalises it not in several hours and days but in centuries and millennia. These natural configurations have withstood the test of time they have seasoned earthquakes and upheavals that transpired at a time when no proto human had as but attempted to colonise the island. The sun has been putting blindingly and the rains have been eroding and consuming relentlessly into the physical levels considering the fact that time immemorial.

American photographer Brett Weston (1911-1993), son of one particular of the giants of world images, Edward Weston (1886-1958), seemed at finite areas, geological and organic, with a viewpoint of flattening airplane and layering room. By doing away with context and circumstance, the American photographer diluted the representational and opened the gates to abstraction. 

Jamie F’s lens do the job similarly invites us to recontextualise solidity and fluidity, in fact, fact alone. Character mirrors alone via its have flux: the condition of spiral galaxies can also be encountered in seashells, as the macrocosm displays the microcosm, just like a couple square metres of weathered limestone, indentations and all, shares comparable dynamics suitable to the complete expanse of a sprawling landscape. Albert Einstein tasked us to search deep into mother nature to recognize every­thing far better. 

“Jamie F’s lens do the job invites us to recontextualise solidity and fluidity, in point, truth itself”

In some circumstances, Jamie F integrates his silhouette into the composition, thus grounding the individual get the job done to a environment exactly where a sunlight, or a sturdy incident resource of light-weight, shines. This adds narrative value, evoking Jasper Johns’s cycle of four performs thematically joined to the 4 seasons. Jamie F’s silhouette is in the act of snapping and freezing the second in time when the camera shutter clicks. The humanoid shadow, two arms upheld in a photographer’s stance, can take on the function of the narrator, the storyteller, who is section and parcel of the artistic course of action and who is the protagonist-creator. 

Johns imprinted the identical grey silhouette in the course of the series, symbolizing himself. Seemingly unsteady and a little angled to the left, the motif is recurring twice in Drop even though, in Wintertime, it threatens dissolution and evanescence. Just one thinks of superior summer in the properly-described picture of Jamie F’s human body on to the Gozitan bed of honeyed stone.

In accordance to the exhibition’s mission assertion: “This exhibition is a celebration of the fundamental secret that is the soul of the island of Gozo.” 

The standard results in being the amazing these works are documentations of the artist’s walking journeys, of accessing distant places that have largely laid unperturbed by human activity. 

Landscape and abstraction do not work in opposition but relate to and enhance each other, as a result reinventing Gozo by means of the flourish of option views originating from its incredibly innards, from its fundamentals, from its inherent geology and stratigraphy. 

He celebrates its tranquillity amid the ever-modifying humours of the overall body of water, the Mediterranean Sea, surrounding it and that threatens to overwhelm it. 

Gozo, through the particulars of its coves and its seashores, by means of its legends and tales, permits the artist to accessibility the “deep-seated beauty inherent in the world”.

Abstract Gozo, curated by Marta Obiols Fornell and hosted by Arthall of 8, Triq Agius de Soldanis, Victoria, is on till June 12. Talk to the event’s Facebook page for opening several hours.

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