Different iOS Apps Used by Interior Designers

Different iOS Apps Used by Interior Designers


Interior design might seem to some people as merely something related to decorating a working space or a house. It is more than just decorating a room for a client. Interior designers put in a lot of effort and thought to make your home, room, or office space livable. To get this done, they are required to keep an eye on the trends, have a creative eye, and pay attention to detail. Also, they are required to manage the space of the property and make it look organized, trendy and unique for their clients.

There are so many apps that you can use being an Interior designer to make your work more organized, generate ideas, get inspired, and a lot more. Apart from all this, when you set out to convert your vision into reality it becomes a very tough nut to crack at times. For instance, you might find out that tables in a room do not fit or their color doesn’t look right. You cannot carry your laptop everywhere on the construction site or the place you are designing. So a handy way to get things done is to use different iPhone and iPad apps to get you inspired, create 3D models, select and buy the right furniture and so on.

One of the best ways to get these apps downloaded on your iOS devices is to use RCN’s high-speed and reliable internet service. You can use RCN Customer Service to order your internet service and get your queries answered as well. Let’s get you acquainted with the different apps you can use while you are working as an interior designer:

Photo Measures

The app is one of the most elegant and easy-to-use tools that can help them save measurements on your photos. You can use your iPhone and iPad to get things done for yourself. The app is very useful for people who are building a house, engineering a project, or moving to a new place. You can take photos of the object you want to measure and note down the dimensions. This will help you to remember the exact layout and make sure that everything fits perfectly. The app is also very useful if you are decorating your room and need to note down the dimensions of the furniture. Photo Measures is the best app for contractors, interior designers, engineers, and other people who are associated with the construction industry.

Using the app, you can zoom in and out of the photo for more precision and edit measurements using a very intuitive interface of the app. You can add comments and details to your measurements and export them as PDFs and JPG images.

App Store Rating: 4.6


The app is very useful to create and build palettes to test on your 3D renders. These can be applied to designs and materials alike. You can share PANTONE Colors using your Creative Cloud® account, social media platforms, and clients. You can subscribe and get access to different PANTONE Colors that has libraries loaded with thousands of standardized hues. You can use all tools, content, and features with a selection of different PANTONE Colors available for use.

Notable features of the app include sRGB, different color values/references, color palettes, and the ability to cross-reference all color guides. You can build your color palettes that can be made of up to 5 colors. You can select these from the color guides easily. PANTONE Studio also has some advanced tools that can help you extract colors from images on your phone or social media accounts, which makes the app very unique.

App Store Rating: 3.6

Chairish – Furniture & Decor

For people who are looking for some unique and classy best in-home furnishing and art, the app has 1000s of new arrivals daily. Chairish offers chic antique and vintage furniture by coveted makers and brands and original artists. You can find different styles of furniture including French Modern, Mid-Century Modern, Haute Bohemian, and others

The app also allows sellers to list their items for sale with submissions that are reviewed by a designated curation team. If your items get accepted, it makes their way on the app/marketplace easily. Users can use the app’s View In Your Space feature to visualize how your selected item from Chairish will look in your home and use references easily to quickly find the items you are interested in.

Listing an item is very easy. All you need to do is take a picture, share key details about the item including its dimensions and the condition and pick a price. Moving further, you can track your listing and get notified when somebody makes an offer. Items that you select are shipped by Chairish making the entire process easier than ever.

App Store Rating: 4.9

Homestyler-Interior design 3D

The app is very useful for people who want to become an architect or interior designer and people who have an idea of a good house. The app provides such individuals with an opportunity to fulfill the dream of having your home. You can use the app to design your living room, kitchen, cabin, large apartment, villa, or backyard garden.

Using Homestyler, you can easily realize your dream decor most conveniently and easily possible without mastering complicated 3D models. Also, you are not required to spend countless hours drawing the floor plan. All you need to do is select the furniture you like and perform operations like rotating, moving and placing the object to realize your design. The app is loaded with some useful features that can get you an ideal design and home decor options.

App Store Rating: 4.5

Houzz – Home Design & Remodel

The app can help you browse millions of high-res photos of home interiors and exteriors. You can filter your selections by location, style, room, and other variables. You can share and save your home design photos with your family, experts, and friends. Houzz lets you find, buy and view different products for your home and shop from more than 5 million products and materials.

To make your search more targeted you can read verified product reviews and save a considerable amount of money during featured sales. The app also offers a unique feature called Visual Match that uses visual recognition technology. This can help you buy and discover products and materials using photos on Houzz.

App Store Rating: 4.8


In the end, one can say that designing your own home and making sure that you get the best rates for different products and material is necessary. You can do this by using any of these apps. Not only this, the apps can help you measure different dimensions so that you get the best fit for your dream home.