Highway 62 art tours’ Wendy Gadzuk combines beauty and darkness

Artist Wendy Gadzuk poses with an assemblage piece she made using medical waste Oct. 6 in her Morongo Valley studio.

In artist Wendy Gadzuk’s Morongo Valley home, there is a harmony amongst religious and darkish symbolism. Images of Buddha and the Virgin Mary affiliate with her assemblages applying feathers, animal bones, dolls and steel gears. 

Gadzuk’s work is a relationship of splendor and darkness. Just one specific piece hanging in her kitchen area is a doll’s head created to glance like a demon in Hindu lifestyle, with the skull of a chicken at the leading of its crown. Huge blue feathers blow out of its body. The eyes, created of white and blue gems, aqua beading all-around the neck and what resembles a beak for a mouth, are fascinating and horrifying. 

Some of Gadzuk’s operate is provided on The Hwy 62 Artwork Tours, which opens on Saturday and requires place above three weekends right until Oct. 24. She’s No.15 on the tour at La Matadora Gallery, and her get the job done will be shown in the similar house as artists Bunny Reiss and Colleena Hake.