How to pick the best wall decor for an apartment?

How to pick the best wall decor for an apartment?

Furnishing a new apartment is exciting and can be a lot of fun because it allows you to finally express yourself creatively and let your ideas run wild. But how should you begin? Before you rush into the next furniture store and empty it, you should first consider what you are imagining and which interior design style best suits you.

Which style is the best?

First and foremost, you must determine which style is best for you. There are numerous options available. Some people prefer a colorful and colorful interior, while others prefer a more classic look guided by simple colors. The simple Scandinavian way of life is also very popular right now. And do you prefer a vintage or modern look? Questions about the kinds of things you think about when you’re setting up and decorating a new apartment.

Which color scheme is best suited?

It is best to start with a simple color scheme (two colors) and then build from there. A light gray sofa combined with a matching armchair, yellow sofa cushions, and a gray-yellow patterned carpet is an example of this. While the two colors light gray and yellow form the frame, you can now begin to add creative accents with appropriate wall decoration. We’ll show you how to pick the best wall decoration for your new apartment.

When selecting your wall decoration, consider the colors available in the room and ensure that the shades of your wall decoration complement the rest of the decor and do not bite each other, so that there is no too strong contrast. More vibrant colors and motifs are appropriate for the living room, while quieter tones and motifs are recommended for the bedroom, allowing you to switch off and relax more effectively. If you want to play it safe, black and white wall decoration is always a good choice because this classic and neutral look fits perfectly into any interior and ensures a true gallery look.

What motives are pleasurable?

After the shade issue has been resolved, it is necessary to select a suitable motif or even several motifs at the same time, which always ensures a good mood at home. Of course, using photos from your own life is especially nice and personal. Whether it’s photos from the most recent safari, snapshots at the dredging lake where the kids are building a sand castle, or cuddling units with the pet – you can always enjoy such unique moments on your own wall and present them to your friends and relatives on your next visit, because each picture has a unique story behind it, which will provide plenty of conversation material.

Those who do not have suitable photos on hand can, of course, choose motifs from an image database provided by professional photographers for a small fee. If you have never photographed a leopard or dolphins, you can still hang them on the wall. A beach scene in the Maldives or the ideal Alpine panorama are only a few mouse clicks away.

What kind of wall decoration goes well with the image?

Once you’ve decided on the perfect motif, all you have to do is select the appropriate printing surface and format, and you’re ready to go. Photo canvases, acrylic paintings, aluminum dibond prints, framed or unframed posters, as well as feather-light and flexibly combinable photo tiles in a variety of sizes and formats, are all available from posterXXL.

Printing on acrylic is best suited for colorful and strong colors because it ensures high color intensity and bright colors. Furthermore, because this material is extremely stable, it does not break as easily.

The Dance Print From Matisse

Awesome Henri Matisse The Dance print poster

Black and white wall decoration, on the other hand, works particularly well when printed on aluminum, because it creates a noble metallic look with a silver shimmer.

With an individually printed and high-quality photo canvas, you are exactly at the right address for soft colors and a matte finish! The textured linen fabric, stretched on a wooden stretcher frame, has a classic and timeless appearance. If one photo isn’t enough, the photo canvas is also available as a canvas collage, which allows you to display multiple photos at once.

The poster is a particularly low-cost variant. A collage is also an option here, with a variety of sizes and formats to choose from. The poster is available unlaminated or laminated in glossy or matt finishes. Furthermore, a noble frame can be used to add a special touch to the poster.

The Tower of The Koutoubia Mosque print

Photo tiles are the newest craze. You can order them individually or as a set and mix and match them. They are particularly practical due to their feather-light weight and quick and easy installation with self-adhesive pads, as you do not need any tools and can easily replace or reposition them without damaging the walls.

We are confident that whatever type of wall decoration you choose will look great, and we wish you a lot of fun decorating!