Invasive Bradford pear trees a threat to landscape, gardens

I experienced not visited any of my most loved back garden centers given that January, so on a warm, sunny afternoon recently, I strolled via one of Columbus’ best yard centers and explored the selection of trees and shrubs  awaiting nervous gardeners who will begin planting these beauties in just a number of weeks. 

I was psyched to see lots of distinctive species of fruit trees in containers all set for late-winter planting as perfectly as several species of shade trees and ornamental shrubs in containers or burlapped root balls. There were being silver maples with buds almost ready to pop open up and a number of redbuds and dogwoods that will explode with spring colour in a few quick weeks.  

This exercising on a sunny late-winter day was more enjoyable for me than any yoga pose. But my plant-induced Zen arrived to an abrupt stop when I spotted one particular unique decorative tree getting available for sale — Bradford pear!