landscaping scramble egg small tree shrub fall blooms

Scrambled egg tree, or Senna surattensis, is a beautiful addition to tropical landscapes for bright color. Use it as an accent plant, in the back of loose borders, as a patio tree and in containers. It is the larval host for sulphur-type butterflies whose caterpillars feast on the leaves.

It need to be fall — the Glaucous Senna are setting up to bloom. A member of the pea family members, Fabaceae, this Senna is also recognised as scramble egg tree, glossy Senna and shiny shower tree. It is now recognised as Senna surattensis, but beforehand it was categorized as a Cassia. Its purely natural assortment is Tropical Asia, Australia, Polynesia. 

Glaucous Senna is a showy, sizeable-flowering shrub or little tree. The leaves are alternate on the stem, compound with a number of areas to 1 leaf, shaped like a feather — pinnate with an even range of leaflets, and up to 7-inches very long.  

Person leaflets are rectangular with a dent or notch in the conclusion and one-and-a-50 percent-inches long. The bark is silver-gray. Bouquets are developed in unfastened groups and can be observed in the course of the calendar year, though they are normally most abundant in the late summer season or slide blooms are encouraged by the onset of the dry time.