OoT Pixel Art Has Hidden Majora’s Mask Easter Eggs

OoT Pixel Art Has Hidden Majora’s Mask Easter Eggs

A innovative Zelda fan has produced a stunning, animated piece of pixel Ocarina of Time lover art, which has 3 hidden references to Majora’s Mask.

A artistic admirer of The Legend of Zelda has produced a stunning piece of Ocarina of Time pixel artwork, which contains hidden references to Majora’s Mask. One of the most haunting entries in the Zelda franchise, there have even been phone calls for BOTW 2 to get inspiration from Majora’s Mask, whose creepy moon continues to be one particular of the most iconic visuals in the sequence.

Ocarina of Time continues to be just one of the most common video clip games of all time, getting been massively influential for both of those the Legend of Zelda game titles and indeed gaming as a total. Inspiring countless lover performs around the yrs, it has unsurprisingly been inducted into the Online video Match Corridor of Fame. As a end result, the sport and its figures sustain a powerful presence in pop tradition, as does OoT‘s direct sequel, Majora’s Mask. Continuing the Hero of Time’s story, Majora’s Mask includes many references to its predecessor, with a big plot issue even revolving around the use of OoT‘s titular ocarina. As this kind of, its gameplay sees Zelda‘s Link rewind time over and in excess of yet again, in order to prevent the land of Termina from struggling a terrible fate.


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Now a single fan’s new Ocarina of Time admirer artwork has compensated a amazing homage to its sequel. Twitter person 1TZAH has designed an astounding piece of animated pixel art that depicts Url and Zelda soothing at the edge of a forest stream. Packed entire of acquainted sights together with Epona, Navi, and even the Triforce, the scene includes a multitude of finer facts as nicely, this kind of as the shadows of fish swimming in the drinking water. Concealed in the image are also 3 difficult-to-spot references to Majora’s Mask, which viewers are challenged to uncover by the artist. This colorful Zelda lover art is amazingly comprehensive, allowing these Easter eggs to blend in seamlessly with Link and Zelda’s environment.

Eagle-eyed viewers have now been able to select out the 3 Easter eggs. Initial, the infamous BEN Drowned creepypasta can be seen referenced in the upper right corner, with an picture of Ben himself glancing among the audience and Url. Secondly, a drawing of Cranium Child can be noticed carved into the still left-hand side of the fallen tree trunk which sorts a bridge above the river. At last, Cranium Child himself can be witnessed as a silhouette standing amongst the trees in the track record, with his eyes glowing pinpricks in the shadows. The attention to element is regularly surprising fans as they discover much more to recognize, which has served the graphic to quickly get paid over 6k likes.

1TZAH’s Ocarina of Time admirer artwork is incredibly gorgeous, and its numerous little details suggest that it is a do the job born from several several hours of work. The point that it is animated only makes the effect even additional impressive. Likewise, the addition of the Majora’s Mask Easter eggs only compounds the degree of element previously existing, as the search for them motivates the viewer to intently take a look at every single inch of the artwork. It is a fantastic representation of not just Ocarina of Time, but also the game’s connections to Majora’s Mask. This is a beautiful piece of Zelda pixel art, and it is guaranteed to be appreciated by any Legend of Zelda admirer.

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Resource: 1TZAH/Twitter

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