react architects embeds ‘the nest’ house into the greek island of paros

a nest turns into a contemporary House


with angular walls and a sunken architecture, respond architects has done ‘the nest’ property on the greek island of paros. the venture can take its title from the web page, which applied to be household to a family of partridges. to design and style this new habitat, the architects wished to root the creating into the surroundings and stay away from the normal clustering of white volumes that is typical in cycladic architecture. rather, the dwelling is articulated by long walls that delineate dwelling spaces and a sequence of walkways, stairs, courtyards and patios.

react architects the nest house paros
photographs by panagiotis voumvakis



a shell integrated into the website


embedded into the organic contours of the land, the residence ranges between elevated sights on the principal southeast-dealing with elevation to getting virtually fully underground on the western facet. respond architects angled the walls in reference to dry-stone partitions that are identified in the rural cycladic landscape. these angled partitions combine to create a ‘shell’ that maintains a favorable microclimate regardless of the climate disorders.



the dwelling is hardly obvious from the highway. inhabitants enter from the west aspect and the highest level of the site, descending into the heart of the household. the rooms of the main residence are linked by a extended corridor, featuring framed sights of kefalos cape in paros and of neighboring naxos. the descent in direction of the inside and then outdoors, to the big outside plateau in front, is a gradual changeover from framed views of aegean landmarks inside the household to a panoramic watch: naousa, naxos’ chora, the antikefalos cape, the west side of naxos, kastraki, herakleia, and ios.

react architects the nest house paros
respond architects place emphasis on the fifth elevation – the roof



link to mother nature


the program comprises a residing space, kitchen, and two ensuite bedrooms, all of which have a perspective towards the sea. there is also a semi-subterranean guest property on the reduce amount. pockets of out of doors room join the interiors to nature. these patios and courtyards have been specifically landscaped when the rest of the internet site retains the obviously arid landscape. for the substance palette, low white partitions are complemented by gray-colored wooden doors and windows. react architects has also positioned emphasis on the fifth elevation, the rooftop, to complete an architectural language that feels both of those placing and fitting to the context.

react architects the nest house paros
the prolonged southeast-going through wall generates living areas

react architects the nest house paros
the system includes a semi-subterranean guest household

react architects the nest house paros
respond architects retained the arid landscape encompassing the residence