Soulframe Not a “Soulsborne” Game, Website’s Hidden Messages Cracked & Reveals New Art Images

Soulframe Not a “Soulsborne” Game, Website’s Hidden Messages Cracked & Reveals New Art Images

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Just the other day, Digital Extremes not only introduced its new game Soulframe, but the studio also launched the game’s formal site as very well, which allows gamers secure their username into the activity, along with having other in-activity benefits for signing up.

Perfectly, as it turns out, there is a lot more it than just that, the Soulframe internet site experienced a somewhat prolonged puzzle with a concealed message located at the conclude! I say “had” as the neighborhood banded with each other to decipher it, and it seems to relate to the game’s lore.

Here’s what Reddit user  GavinGaile and his buddy managed to extract from the riddle:

When day wrought night time they did get there
Not sea nor hoof but from the sky
Knight-maidens potent rode to experience them
But not a sword was drawn

For within that night tracks were cast
And we who listened to them lost our earlier
Our virtues, like, and spirit fled
So hollow was the dawn

Now moms send out their youngsters there
To Oden castles crowning air
Returning spies to peel our views
With souls so twisted incorrect

Now sector needs the earth
Our verdant fields bled gray of worth
The beasts of feast now shed to famine
Wonderful Alca’s flesh stripped raw

Whilst hope in us has arrive to rust
Peculiar kin remain with the Alca’s have faith in
Relic wolf and bear and faun

All those we plundered now we search for
For historic ties that withered weak
To solid a deal entwining very last
And reforging honored bonds…

To the world.

Together with the messages, a bunch of art photos surfaced as effectively from the game’s internet site, which “hid” it as part of a puzzle that has since been solved.

For those people attempting to sign up, it is been a fairly distressing affair, and Digital Extremes understands about it. In excess of on Twitter, studio Recreation Director Steve Sinclair shared specifics on Soulframe alongside new artwork. Sinclair verified that even if the sport has “Soul” in its title, gamers shouldn’t anticipate it to be a “Soulsborne” title (akin to FromSoftware’s Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Elden Ring online games), and that the trailer revealed featured in-match property and no BS stuff.


Exterior of the new facts, Electronic Extremes has confirmed that Soulframe will be a free-to-participate in title, and will have a fantasy environment.

Soulframe has no distinct release window just nonetheless, and there is no confirmed platforms for it, much too. However, it could possibly be risk-free to assume that it is headed to PS5, Xbox Collection X|S and Personal computer.