The animals with an eye for art

The animals with an eye for art

In 1879, Spanish aristocrat and newbie archaeologist Marcelino Sanz de Sautuloa and his daughter Maria set out to explore a cave close to their loved ones property in Cantabria. Although De Sautuola scrambled all around the ground hunting for prehistoric artefacts, Maria wandered off deeper into the cave. Abruptly she stumbled across a ceiling lined with dozens of paintings. The drawings had been of aurochs, a extensive extinct species of ox. They had been painted by the Magdalenian individuals amongst 14,820 and 13,130 years in the past.

At the time students had been stunned that early humans were being capable of creative expression, but the origins of artwork extend substantially more back than this. In simple fact, art predates the existence of Homo sapiens entirely.

Some 51,000 several years ago, a Neanderthal carved designs into a deer bone in a cave in Germany.  The carving was manufactured many thousand several years before Homo sapiens arrived in Europe. In the meantime 500,000 decades in the past, Homo erectus, an even much more primitive species of human, etched summary zig-zag lines into a seashell in Java.

These conclusions problem the perception that art is the particular provenance of Homo sapiens, but it is potentially not that astonishing that other species of human experienced creative impulses. Immediately after all, we know that other hominins designed and made use of instruments, and even buried their useless.

Even so, it may perhaps surprise you to find out that there are other customers of the animal kingdom that appreciate beauty and inventive flair far too.

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In 2005 a set of a few paintings by a chimpanzee termed Congo were marketed at auction for £14,400 ($18,122). Congo was born in 1954 at London Zoo, and when he was there he caught the consideration of British zoologist and artist Desmond Morris. Morris gave the chimp a pencil and some card and was shocked when he started drawing. About his lifetime Congo designed a lot more than 400 works, some with pencils and other folks with paint.

Although his works were being abstract – he by no means painted identifiable photographs these kinds of as portraits or landscapes – he approached his get the job done with a feeling of intention, and if his paintings or brushes ended up taken absent he loudly complained right until they had been handed back again to him. If he felt he experienced finished a work he would refuse to amend what he experienced performed. What’s far more, in excess of the several years he highly developed from scribbly traces and splotches of paint to additional very carefully regarded as compositions. It is mentioned that Picasso reportedly owned a portray by Congo and hung it in his studio.