Trying to figure out the city’s new natural landscaping guidelines? It’s a jungle out there

If you strategy to break totally free from the under no circumstances-ending turf grass cycle of seed, fertilize, drinking water, mow and repeat yr just after yr, Bartlesville has opened the door for one more option, but it is really not with out its troubles. Depending on your yard’s sizing, location and shape, it can impact what you can and cannot do.

The Bartlesville City Council not too long ago adopted a new ordinance that will allow for inhabitants to transform to managed normal landscaping vs . conventional turf grass yards.

1 essential issue to recall is that Bartlesville Municipal Code states that any parts specified as managed all-natural landscapes must have all turf grass taken off. Citizens cannot stop mowing turf grass or plant native grass in excess of turf and connect with it pure.

To have a pure landscape area that can exceed the 12-inch top restriction that applies to all lawns, it ought to be within a plainly outlined border, not in just 5 ft of a sidewalk, not inside of 10 ft of a highway. It cannot occupy additional than 50% of the garden location visible from the community right-of-way.