Why Is Artificial Grass Good for Your Pets?

Why Is Artificial Grass Good for Your Pets?

Sydney is the capital of NSW and a wonderful place to live. The city is ranked 10 in the list of best livable cities. As such, with the median price for buying a house at $2,870,000, getting a house itself is a tremendous task. And even if you buy the house of your dreams, how do you maintain the lawns?

So, how often have you wondered if there was an easier way to provide a good turf for your furry friend? Maybe you even tried looking for synthetic grass in Sydney because you were bored of having to wait and watch natural grass grow. But did you know that green turf has more benefits and can be an excellent place for your pets to have fun?

There are about 29 million pets in Australia, with 61{6d6906d986cb38e604952ede6d65f3d49470e23f1a526661621333fa74363c48} of households owning one. And everyone knows your pets, especially dogs love to play in the yard. But with most Aussie houses built on a quarter-acre block, there is rarely a space for a backyard. So, why not go for fake grass? And here are a few facts that will convince you about the many perks of having synthetic grass

Easier to Clean and Maintain 

One of the primary problems with natural grass is that they die out. There can be many reasons for their untimely demise, from your pet’s silly activities to the harsh weather of Australia. But the synthetic grass in Sydney is meant to last really long and usually comes with warranties. Also, there is little to no maintenance required for the turf; you can just clean up after your pet without even needing to wash it. However, if you do wash it, it will dry pretty quickly.

Attracts Fewer Pests 

If you are an Austinite, you are probably aware of the rabbit situation in Australia. These vermin came to the country in the late 19th century and have been plundering the lands ever since. And currently, there may be more than 200 million feral rabbits in Australia, causing the local extinction of many plants and trees.

But with synthetic grass, you no longer have to worry about this problem. Plus, it is much easier to keep the soil clean and dry with artificial turfs. This will keep the fleas and ticks at bay, keeping the trip to the vet at a minimum.

Remains Unaffected by Urine 

Pet owners often worry about their floors, carpet, and even turfs getting stained by pet urine. Fortunately, the various types of synthetic grass in Sydney are pet-friendly, which means they can handle daily wear and tear.

Most of these products are resistant to water, mostly urine, and some even have antibacterial properties. The grass comes at the right height and allows better access to the sun. These artificial lawns also have excellent drainage, letting them dry quickly without manual interference. In addition to this, synthetic grass is also recyclable and toxin-free, providing a more natural feel for your pet.

Having a backyard or lawn is a great idea if you have pets at home. But artificial grass can offer the same benefits as natural grass, minus the hassle of natural grass. As such, you are spared the hassle of constant maintenance and cleaning necessary for a natural garden area. Moreover, synthetic grass does not wear out easily or fade. The lush feeling of the turf remains consistent for a long time, allowing your pet to roam around freely. This provides a small paradise for your furry and scaly friends, while you do not have to do much work to keep it.

So, if you have been planning to do something nice for your pet, give them synthetic turf to play on.