Winter color brightens up dark days

An orange winterberry provides color during cold months.

This week as I was walking back and forth in the pool exercising before my operation, I hope. I had one of the lovely ladies in the pool ask me a question. Seems she has been a fan of my column since she moved back from Florida. She commented about how she longed for the flowers she enjoyed in Florida all year long.

Can you imagine that? Flowers all year long. Seriously, in a way I am jealous of flowers fresh from your garden for your table all year that they have in Florida. I like the idea, but there are challenges that come with this concept.

One of my favorite landscape designers was a lady who lived from 1843-1932. She was a trained artist, yet her sight was waning during the productive years of her 50s. Loss of sight is a challenge for designers and artists as you might think.