15 best renter-friendly ways to decorate your home in 2022

15 best renter-friendly ways to decorate your home in 2022

Landlords look away — this one is for your tenants who want to decorate and get their security deposits back.

If you are a renter, chances are you know the struggle of plain white walls, static-looking appliances and maybe even lack of personality when it comes to your decor. For fear of losing your hefty security deposit or making your landlord upset, many don’t bother with decorating, painting or trying to turn their rented house into a home.

2022 is the time to change all that, as we have been spending far too much time in the house for it not to feel homey. While it can be temping to just drill a few holes and paint and forgo your fee, taking the time to research the best renter-friendly products will save you the headache later. Especially when it’s time to move out and you are looking for a new paint job and spackling when all you want to do is move on.

To help save time on the research front, we rounded up all the best renter-friendly and landlord-approved ways to transform your space, including options for shelving, wallpaper, decor and more. Read on for our list and then get your DIY on worry-free.

Best renter-safe wallpaper and flooring:

Rifle Paper Co. Peel and Stick Wallpaper, starting at $60

A black and gold wallpaper covered wall in a kitchen
Rifle Paper Co.

Paint is messy and traditional wallpaper is so hard to apply. Try this peel and stick paper instead, sold in a variety of stunning floral patterns from Rifle Paper Co. Patterns start at $60 but the feeling of totally transforming a space is priceless. Plus, once you get tired of the design, simply remove and try something fresh and new.

The Happy Planner Removable Wallpaper, starting at $5.99

A kitchen with stripped wallpaper and a patterned backsplash
The Happy Planner

Want a fresh start with minimal effort? The removable wallpaper from The Happy Planner is just what you need. Choose from an array of simple and elegant patterns and colors, cut to size and then stick to the wall or flat surface. You can easily remove or reposition, taking the stress out of home design and decor.

Chasing Paper Peel and Stick Flooring, starting at $10

A front hall with blue and white tile floor
Chasing Paper

Why should the walls have all the fun? Check out Chasing Paper for their peel and stick removable flooring tiles. They come in all different colors and patterns, including classic tile designs, marble and more.

Moze 3″ x 12″ Ceramic Brick Look Subway Tile, $8.49/square foot

A blue brick backsplash in a kitchen setting

Upgrade your backsplash or kitchen accent wall with these easy-to-apply tiles from Wayfair. They come in blue, white, gray and taupe, sold by the square foot to fit any space you are trying to transform.

Tempaper Peel & Stick TBY Chalkboard Wall Paper, $69

A kitchen with a blackboard wall and writing on it
West Elm

Transform your wall, fridge or any other surface into an interactive chalkboard with this peel and stick paper. Sold at West Elm, the wallpaper is a fun and creative way to change your space up and also never forget the grocery list or chore chart again.

Best renter-safe shelving and hooks:

West Elm No Nail Ledges, $29 to $39

Two white shelves on a white wall
West Elm

No nails and no hassle. These floating shelves only require some self-adhesive strips, easily found on Amazon, and a bit of patience. Then, enjoy hole-free walls and beautiful shelves that can hold 1.5 pounds of knickknacks, photos and more.

Stick on Wall Toilet Paper Holder and Hook, $5.98

A black hook and TP holder

When redoing the bathroom, don’t drill any more holes into your wall than you have to. This toilet paper holder and matching hook are both peel and stick-friendly, with the option for small nails as well, if approved by your landlord, of course. The hook can also be used in any other room in the house for hanging dish towels, keys or anything else.

Heavy Duty 1.5″ Magnetic Hooks Set, $7.60

Two silver magnetic hooks

Don’t be in the doghouse for any repairs. These magnetic hooks are super heavy duty, holding up to eight pounds each. Stick them to any magnetic surface like the fridge or other appliances and store oven mitts, utensils or even pots and pans to save space.

Wekity Wall-Mounted Toothbrush Holder and Bathroom Storage, $19.99

A toothbrush holder and storage

Get all the clutter off of your bathroom sink and add some storage while you are at it. This toothbrush organizer mounts to the wall with suction cups, not leaving any marks or scuffs. Then, load up the toothpaste and the brushes, serving as a toothpaste dispenser and a holder at the same time. The contraption also has a pull out drawer and storage above as well, making your bathroom a DIY sanctuary.

Renter-safe wall art and decor:

Mixtiles Art, prices vary

An array if five pictures framed on a gray wall above a gray couch
Mixtiles Art

Picture this: tons of beautiful framed art in your home, but with no nails or residue on your walls. That can be accomplished with Mixtiles, the peel and stick art prints that are easy to stick to any wall and just as easy to remove or reposition. Make an account and check out their bestselling prints and photos for every room in the house.

Society6 Wall Murals, prices vary

A wall mural of abstract rainbow shapes

Murals aren’t just for the outdoors anymore. Install your very own work of art with a peel and stick mural from the artists at Society6. They have a huge range of designs, images and patterns and the best part is that you can change them up whenever you want, leaving no mess behind.

Decorative Spring Tension Single Curtain Tension Rod, $8.32

A gold curtain rod

Hang beautiful curtains and even tapestries without leaving any marks from hooks or nails with a tension rod. All you need are two walls over a window alcove and you are good to go, as nothing but the curtain rod is required.

DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights 100ft  Smart Lights, $29.99

A roll of LED lights

Set the mood with these Bluetooth enabled lights, which can be easily hung with the self-adhesive backing. These don’t require any hooks or nails and can then be controlled with a handheld remote or via an app on your phone, making ambient lighting a breeze.

Maura Light Switch Cover, $16

A black wavy outlet cover
Urban Outfitters

Another great idea to transform a space is by tweaking the little things, like adding a fun outlet cover over your light switches and other hardware. This wavy one from Urban Outfitters is super cute and also comes in green and light-purple, plus more options on their site.

Anthropologie Aperture Triptych Vanity Mirror, $398

A trifold mirror sitting on a vanity

When you can’t be bothered to find studs and hang a heavy mirror, go for an easier option, like this triptych mirror that can easily be propped up on a vanity or cabinet. It will transform your space and make getting ready in the morning a luxurious moment, plus, no scratches or strain on your walls.