Art by Maudsch Tipped As 2022’s Best Interior Design Trend

The handmade painting company provides excellent artwork for those who need to add something special to their home.

Are you looking for the next big focal point for your sitting room? Need a piece that echoes the color scheme of your bedroom? We know the frustrations of trawling through catalogs to find suitable artwork to suit you. For the connoisseur, it might be enjoyable, but when you’re not an art critic – how do you know when you have found something good?

Enter the artistic flair of Art by Maudsch. This talented team creates hand-painted artworks which suit any space. They have been tipped as the next important thing in interior décor in 2022 since their pieces are highly adaptable to your needs. Its artwork is tailored to your specifications. Here is how it all works.

Handmade Paintings for Your Home

Art by Maudsch uses expert artists to hand paint each piece they sell. They use a mixture of mediums, either oil or acrylic paints. In addition, they use high-quality cotton canvases to create paintings using their network of professional artists.

Paintings are created to match your needs, then shipped worldwide free of charge. You can view and approve your painting online before committing to buy it. They have already gathered over three thousand satisfied clients, who each now own a piece of unique Amsterdam artwork. 

How does it Work?

The artworks are produced as original pieces and listed on the site with this seller. You can browse through the different sections to find art that matches your theme, space, or color scape. Next, you select the piece you would like to buy, and an artist paints it for you. Paintings are made entirely to order, and a painting purchased from Art by Maudsch is far more unique and exciting than mass-produced prints from any other outlet.

Framed by professionals

If you choose a framed painting, which we recommend you do, it will be framed by skilled professionals. The framing facility used by Art by Maudsch is also located in the Netherlands and produces frames from the highest-quality Czech pine wood. The framed pieces are delivered to your doorstep, ready to hang.

Canvas Sets from Art by Maudsch

Canvas sets are the ultimate way to decorate a designer home. They allow you to mix one art piece throughout several rooms or place many canvases on the wall to make up a single picture. Canvas sets are increasingly popular, allowing a pop of creative expression in any home. But, of course, the best part about a canvas set from this team of designers is that they are unrivaled in taste and style. They have been handmade for you by some of the finest modern artists in the world. Art by Maudsch is shipped to you from one of the best-known artistic cities on the planet.

Amsterdam & Art, a great combination, fueled by ArtbyMaudsch. 

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear ‘Amsterdam’? Maybe it’s the canals, the tolerance, or even the Red Light District! But did you know that Amsterdam was, in the Dutch Golden Age, the epicenter of world-renown art? Famous master artists like Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer, Frans Hals, and of course Vincent van Gogh all lived and worked in this beautiful city.
With many museums and statues to honor them around the city, their vision, expertise, and philosophy reverberate throughout older and future generations.

Spread the message

Art By Maudsch, based in Amsterdam, saw the big positive impact that art had on the population and the city. They acknowledged that art can be the bearer of timeless ideas and values and blissful beauty. Art can inspire people, spark new ideas or create a conversation between different people. With the many merits that art has to offer, Art By Maudsch felt the urge to share these with the whole wide world! 

Personal Adjustments

By offering handmade, original art pieces at fair prices online, they make pure, handmade art available worldwide. Sure, a printed painting is nice and affordable, but a real handmade artwork is something different! With a great communication center, available day and night, and even an option to make personal adjustments to the pieces, Art By Maudsch feels personal and as if you are in direct contact with the artists themselves. 

Canvas Sets

Because art is subjective, different people like different styles of art, the possibility to make personal adjustments can really help you find the exact piece for your home interior. And Art By Maudsch takes it even one step further, offering a variety of Canvas Sets. These sets consist of multiple, separated artworks with the same atmosphere, that you can freely adjust and style accordingly to match the atmosphere of your home interior perfectly.

Art By Maudsch is therefore more than just an online gallery, it is an experience where the professional team takes you by the hand in the search of your ultimate, handmade art piece. From the city where it all started, right to your doorway and without any costs whatsoever! 

Dave Verhoeven



Written in partnership with Aggrandize