Best 3D landscape design software for 2021 (for PC, Mac and online)

If you’re looking do some virtual 3D landscape design, there are many software packages out there to help you do just that. Some are PC only, a handful are multiplatform, and we’ve even found an online service (as long as your goals are modest).

Best 3D landscape design software

As you might expect, an app dedicated solely to landscaping (as opposed to offering indoor house design as well), will likely have more of the features that you’d expect and need in your creation process. However, you will find in our list a couple of titles which are more renaissance men than jacks of all trades, offering an all round package with excellent features, from house design to garden landscaping, for a reasonable price.

Depending on your needs, and chosen platform, we’ve selected five of what we feel are the best applications to help you create the garden of your (or your client’s) dreams from the comfort of your computer.

Space Designer 3D Review Listing

(Image credit: Asynth)

Best for novices

Reasons to buy

+Works fluidly+Full customisation available

Reasons to avoid

No free planCannot edit or customise in 3D