New interactive art installations light up South Lake Union

The light art will be here until Dec. 31. Sponsored by South Lake Union Chamber of Commerce.

SEATTLE — Holiday lights are common this time of year — but a new art installation in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood is taking lights to the next level.

“One of the goals was to bring to Seattle installations that would occupy and activate the public spaces,” said Alexandre Lemieux, co-founder of Creos who brought the art installations to Seattle. “So, it was to find something very unique, interactive that would generate very unique interest,”

One of those displays generating interest is called Passage.

“The installations itself, you have sensors on the side of you, and when you’re walking you trigger the installation itself. So, it’s a very beautiful, luminous installation where interactively every user has a part in it, and you can see different patterns whenever you go.”

A few blocks away you’ll find two more displays to interact with.

Prismatica, I would say that it’s one of the pieces that we traveled the most,” said Lemieux. “You have those 25 units at Prismatica. So just in terms of quantity, you have all of them that you can go and have them for a spin. It kind of invites you to whenever you’re on your working hours or go during the day, but at night, you want to come back with your friends and family. It kind of gives you this ability to kind of see something different whenever you go by.”

At the display Oscillation, you can see as well as hear the art.

“You can trigger sensors with your hands. Each of the units becomes a musical instrument that whenever you activate them, and it’s free, you can have your very own experience with them and the unit themselves.”

The light piece Impulse can be found by the Amazon Spheres.

“This installation, it’s really about bringing the nostalgia in, thinking about when you’re a little younger, you’re going to the park. But then with this unique vision of the artist, you have something that is really beautiful. That’s where you can play, you can go on to seesaw. For a moment of time, you want to go for a laugh, you just forget all problems and anything that you had during your day and you’re just you become a child for a few minutes.”

So while holiday lights are nice, in South Lake Union, they’re even better after dark.

“You want to come in and enjoy your neighborhood in a way that you’ve never experienced it before.”

SLU After Dark will be in place till December 31.

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