Palm Beach OKs restrictions on Thanksgiving, Christmas construction

Palm Beach OKs restrictions on Thanksgiving, Christmas construction

A cyclist navigates construction on South Lake Drive as thunderstorms approach Palm Beach August 4, 2021 in Palm Beach.  MEGHAN McCARTHY/Palm Beach Daily News

In an hard work to relieve traffic congestion all-around the holidays, the Town Council authorized supplemental restrictions on development and landscaping activity on the island.

For the duration of their frequent meeting March 8, council users unanimously approved an ordinance that adds days through the peak period when design and landscaping do the job is prohibited.

The evaluate, which is expected to appear back to the council following month for remaining approval, bans landscaping on the day immediately after Thanksgiving prohibits construction and landscaping on weekday observation dates for holidays that drop on a weekend and limits construction and landscaping do the job on the working day prior to Thanksgiving.

Now, design and landscaping action are prohibited on Sundays and lawful holiday seasons, though building also is banned the working day immediately after Thanksgiving.

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