Palm roots, foundations and pavement

Palm roots, foundations and pavement

Adventitious roots are expected on some types of palms. The roots are small in diameter but in mass and when the tree is planted close to the pavement, damage can occur. The adventitious roots are dormant, and removing them or covering them with soil can damage the palm.

Q: Final calendar year, you wrote an report declaring the roots that are on top rated of the floor by palm trees are lifeless. Is it ok to reduce them off? Will these roots harm my foundation or concrete? 

— Jackie, Port St. Lucie 

A: Palm roots grow from an space of energetic mobile progress at the foundation of the trunk and are termed adventitious roots.

In some palms, the roots improve over the floor. The roots become dry and inactive when uncovered previously mentioned ground but are nevertheless an integral section of the plant procedure. This is a common procedure/characteristic in palms. 

Some people today discover the look of uncovered adventitious roots undesirable and would like to possibly eliminate them or go over them.

Covering uncovered palm roots is also burying further the present performing, active roots, which slows or stops people roots from absorbing h2o and vitamins essential to preserve the health and fitness of the palm. Do not minimize or or else clear away the lifeless-seeking adventitious roots.