Where to find eight new artworks including sculptures in central Iowa

A man in the moon, a giant leaf, a whirlpool and rotating sculptures are just a few of the new pieces of art found around Central Iowa. In recent months, communities and organizations installed new sculptures and murals to their outdoor collections that give residents a taste of artwork in surprising locations.

Now that the weather is warming, local art lovers can head outdoors to enjoy these new works (and even take a selfie). Here, a look at eight new works to find all over the Des Moines metro area.

Rotating sculpture pad at Mainframe Studios

Drive by the main entrance to Mainframe Studios, a nonprofit organization that provides workspaces for local artists, to find “Man with the Moon,” the first work to grace the building’s new rotating sculpture pad

The 14-foot tall sculpture created by Jay Vigon — a California transplant who’s had his hand in designing work for names like Stevie Wonder and Prince — and James Bearden — a local graphic designer and metal worker — went up on Jan. 12 outside of Mainframe Studios, 900 Keosauqua Way.