6 landscaping and gardening products to consider this spring

6 landscaping and gardening products to consider this spring

Tracey Price

Tracey Price

Even if you have a green thumb, chances are you could still benefit from some pro tips when it comes to making sure your lawn and garden are in tip top shape. So we asked Tracey Price, owner of landscape design firms American Growers Company, American Heritage Landscape and American Landscape Incorporated, to share her list of powerhouse products that she and her crews love for picture perfect landscapes. Her firm has worked on projects including Universal Studios Jurassic World, the recently renovated Dodgers Stadium, BANC of California Stadium, Disneyland Entrance to Cars Land, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Topgolf and more. Here are her picks.

Durable hand pruners

Corona ClassicCut 2.75″ High Carbon Steel Blade Hand Pruner

$22.15 at Home Depot

Start with the basics and get a solid hand pruner. “This proves indispensable and is attached at the hip of every amateur to master landscaper,” says Price. Made of solid forged steel and a resharpenable and replaceable blade, these pruners are designed for branches and stems and cut up to ¾” diameter. “They stay sharp, they’re easy to maneuver, and they never break,” says Price.”

Caddy for your tools

Fiskars 5-Gallon Garden Bucket Caddy

$8.59 on Amazon

“To corral the essentials, I have enjoyed my garden caddy for over 25 years. Attach it to any 5-gallon bucket and it will live tucked in the corner of the garage, ready to head out on every garden adventure,” says Price. Nine deep pockets keep essential tools accessible and organized and easy-to-clean canvas construction offers lasting value.

Pet-safe slug killer

Sluggo Wildlife and Pet-Safe Slug Killer

$15.27 on Amazon

“With your fertilized garden thriving, local pests like snails can become an issue. Coffee grounds or crushed egg shells can help, however, if they don’t work, try Sluggo. It creates a line of defense against those pesky critters, ensuring your leaves and blooms stay intact,” says Price.

Sturdy vine supports

Vigoro Sturdy Vine Supports

$4.98 at Home Depot

Taking advantage of the vertical space in the landscape? If so, use these cleats to tie up your vines and espaliers. “Clear, flat, with a sturdy hole to loop through, your green walls will add a beautiful dimension to the architecture. Give it a day for the glue to dry, don’t rush that curing time or these will not work properly. Beware, they may take off stucco/paint when removed so make sure that area is easily patchable if needed,” says Price.

Fire pit glass that goes all over the yard

Crushed Fire Pit Glass

$47.55 at Wayfair

“Sing the praises of a good recycled crushed glass and use it everywhere. We first started using it for fire pits and soon realized it looks modern piled around succulents in a low bowl, infilling the gaps between landscape pavers. I’ve even used some for the fish bowl in a pinch,” says Price.

Price-conscious patio umbrella

Sundale Outdoor 7.2′ Patio Umbrella

From $49.99 on Amazon

“You can never have enough of these. They all fade and get dirty looking, but this price point makes it easier to justify getting a new one before that next July 4th barbecue,” says Price. Made from 100{6d6906d986cb38e604952ede6d65f3d49470e23f1a526661621333fa74363c48} polyester fabric and outfitted with a rust-free aluminum pole, this umbrella has an air vented top to enhance stability and it comes in a variety of colors including yellow, red, dark green, blue and more.