Dispatch Home & Garden Show offers eight creative gardens and more

Dispatch Home & Garden Show offers eight creative gardens and more

Team leader Matthew Adams (center) and owner Ryan Harrell of Ryan's Landscaping work on their outdoor movie display at the 2022 Spring  Dispatch Home & Garden Show presented by Ohio Mulch. In addition to cedar TV stands and cornhole, the display features a fiberglass Ford truck tailgate formed into a bench.

Landscapers offer 8 resourceful thoughts for a ‘Garden Party’

Visions of tea sets, floral preparations and maybe even some twinkling lights could possibly pop into most people’s minds when they consider of a backyard celebration. 

Nevertheless, the eight landscaping companies who established substantial yard displays for the Spring Dispatch Home & Garden Show were a little bit — and in some conditions, a lot — extra imaginative for this year’s Yard Occasion concept. 

Wandering by means of the gardens at the Ohio Expo Middle, guests will see a movie theater concession stand with an apothecary-like candy screen and a bench created from the tailgate of an previous Ford truck, best for observing the big video game. 

There is certainly also a whiskey-pouring h2o element (it’s actually iced tea) and a amazing orchid-coated pergola along with pizza ovens and tailor made-concrete stovetops.