The last book in an unplanned trilogy explores the enduring affection for people and landscapes

The last book in an unplanned trilogy explores the enduring affection for people and landscapes

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With deep sensation, F. Harlan Flint writes about numerous sides of really like in his new guide “From There to Eternity: Alzheimer’s and Over and above.”

There’s Flint’s enduring love for his spouse Chris in excess of 60 a long time of relationship. She battled Alzheimer’s, succumbing to the illness in 2016.

Sections of the book shift in time to tell about the maturing of a younger lady into a vibrant, useful grownup. She and Flint satisfied as learners at the College of New Mexico.

There’s his really like for his superior pal Baudelio Garcia. The two had been neighbors in the far northern New Mexico hamlet of Santa Rita. It was in which Garcia lived for much of the 12 months and exactly where the Flints had a straw-bale cabin they visited. As an instance of their friendship, Garcia aided make it.

Then in 2018 Flint suffered the decline of his buddy Garcia. He gave the eulogy at the funeral.

“For a large amount of adult males it is tough for us to aggressively explain lively appreciate,” Flint stated in a mobile phone job interview. “It’s an energetic force in my partnership with my wife, with Baudelio and with my affection for the Hispano folks primarily of the north… .” Baudelio, he mentioned, was the very last survivor of the Hispanics who settled Santa Rita into the early 20th century.

He writes affectionately about when he and his spouse to start with achieved Garcia “… he was a handsome youthful person in his 30s, not a tall male but he often stood tall. Irrespective of whether on a horse, a tractor, in his pickup, or on his ATV, his posture was always excellent and his bearing almost army. A male of couple words and phrases, he was dignified and reticent, but warm and friendly… .”


The description of Garcia helps make visitors feel that they much too are getting the same one particular-on-one fellowship that Flint experienced with the rancher-farmer. There is additional description of his buddy: He had a broad, quick smile, and was “as sturdy as a horse, completely ready to toss bales and calves in the course of the yearly branding season.” Spanish was Garcia’s to start with language and he spoke English cautiously.

A third expressive experience was Flint’s robust affection for the Hispanics of rural northern New Mexico.

F.Harlan Flint and Baudelio Garcia.

To him, Garcia represented the pressure of Hispano individuals “who had the tenacity to carve out a subsistence living in a extremely complicated location – no running water, no electric power. They were being the final pioneers of New Mexico, moving out from Santa Fe to come across the rivers in the north.”

They had been in lookup of drinking water.

Amongst the Hispanos the Flints got to know had been the welcoming individuals who ran and labored at the Mesa Vista Cafe in Ojo Caliente. The pair commonly stopped to try to eat there on the way from their household in Santa Fe to Santa Rita and on the way back.

A fourth expression of Flint’s love is for the purely natural landscape of Santa Rita, the patria chica, or smaller homeland, in Rio Arriba County. The group is at the southern close of the San Luis Valley. The nearest city is Antonito, Colorado.

A single unforgettable, prolonged passage tells of Flint possessing taken a gradual ride up the river to commune with character: “On the viewpoint wherever I paused, I was surrounded by gigantic ponderosas and spruce, some previous plenty of to have been there when the position was employed seasonally by its previously occupants, the Utes, the Navajos, and Apaches… .”

Later, back again on his porch, Flint observes: “…with the lengthening shadows of late afternoon, I listened to the river, the visiting piñon jays, the resident stellar jays competing at the feeder. What a privilege and pleasure it was to be there, a transient human, enjoying the reward of currently being a short term occupant of this exclusive minor earth …”

Flint very carefully gathers penned terms that seem to efficiently raise off the webpage to make his remembered experiences magical for audience.

Is the ebook a memoir? Flint finds it tricky to utilize that label. Possibly a quasi-memoir, he said.

The book’s title, Flint commented, is whimsical, and is based on the title of the novel (and film) “From Right here to Eternity.” The “From There” part of his book’s title derives from when Chris “was herself to the period of time of her drop and on into the long run. It appears to significantly describe the path of the ebook,” the 91-yr-previous Flint stated.

He now sights “From There to Eternity” as the third quantity of a trilogy.

“The (volumes) did not start out that way. They developed organically,” he mentioned.

The to start with e-book, “Hispano Homesteaders: The Past New Mexico Pioneers, 1850-1910,” came out in 2012. Nevertheless some historians say the outer limitations of the Hispano homeland was defined by the 1860s and 1870s, Flint argues that Hispanic homesteaders continued to generate new settlements into the very first decade of the 20th century.

The 2nd guide, released in 2016, is “Journey to a Straw Bale Home: The Extended Highway to Santa Rita in an Aged Spanish Neighborhood on the Northern Edge of New Mexico.” It expanded on Flint’s developing ties to the people today of Santa Rita.