Vintage Decor Ideas | Nostalgic Home Design, Art, Furniture

Vintage Decor Ideas | Nostalgic Home Design, Art, Furniture

Personalizing a space and adding meaningful touches, whether through vintage art, classic furniture, or heirloom pieces, is part of what makes the vintage decor trend of 2023 so timeless. “Art is personal, but if you are thrifting or going to flea markets, it is the fastest way to make your house interesting,” said designer and best-selling authorEmily Henderson on the First in Line podcast.

That’s because evoking past eras in your decor while elevating them for modern times is just good design. Avoid the bandwagon trends and take this versatile and sustainable one for a spin. “Along with the Art Deco-inspired spaces we’ve been seeing and will continue to see, we’ll start to see nods to other distinctive styles that are graphic and bold like Brutalism and Bauhaus,” says Eddie Maestri, principal architect, creative director + owner at Dallas-based Maestri Studio. British-style furniture and table fabric draping, he says, is also on trend for the year. In fact, European influences all around are making their way into our homes, according to the experts at The Citizenry. It’s up to you to decide how to breathe new life into your vintage decor finds — but that’s what makes this nostalgic trend so fun to design around.

28 Vintage Decor Ideas We Can’t Wait To Copy In 2023

Are you inspired by Paris in the 20s? (Yes) Old English Cottages a la The Holiday? Geometric and bold patterns of Bauhaus? Or the raw beauty of Brutalism? This Jason Arnold Interiors room echoes the past while feeling truly modern.

Here’s another Jason Arnold room that takes cues from historic design periods.

We see a little Bauhaus, a little Deco but ultimately a true Kelly Wearstler original.

The Parisian apartment is our warm neutral fantasy but also nods to a romantic past.

European And Vintage-Inspired Decor

Design by Caroline Brackett

Emily Bolt Photography

“Design with nostalgia in mind will continue,” said Gideon Mendelson, founder and creative director of Mendelson Group. “I don’t mean mid-century or retro. I think this idea of Granny-chic is evolving to a less kitschy/more sophisticated style which I really appreciate.” This room by designer Caroline Brackett says English Countryside all over.

According to a recent Yelp trend forecast report, we’ll see an increase in framing vintage-inspired accents (up 50{6d6906d986cb38e604952ede6d65f3d49470e23f1a526661621333fa74363c48}) in 2023.

Black and white is also a classic 2023 trend to come out of nostalgia decor — we love these checkered floors above and below.

Art Deco Nod + Vintage Decor Ideas

art deco vintage trend pretty dining room table

JL Design

Reagan Taylor Photography

“Art deco and saturated color are some design trends that I think will be huge in 2023,” says Rachel Burger, interior designer at JL Design in Nashville.

art deco vintage decor

Courtesy of Artistic Tile

Rainbow onyx is a 2023 trend we’ll see coming out of the Art Deco inspiration, according to experts at Artistic Tile.

Stylist Jessica Brigham converted her basement into a colorful cocktail lounge. In a recent Houzz trend report, Playful Traditional Style was top of homeowners’ wish list: “Many pros are seeing a maximalist decor style take hold, specifically a perked-up traditional look that combines vintage pieces with lots of upbeat pattern and wall coverings. Think of it as a traditional style returning in a fun way.”

YouTuber Emma Chamberlain mixes styles in perfect harmony.

Bauhaus Influence

“I like a neutral, calm, and textural room. However, when an entire home is designed that way, it feels a little soul-less and boring to me,” adds Mendelson. “I want to see designers adding more color and pattern to these sculptural spaces to make them feel more personal, and interesting and provoke more thought.”

SSS has said that she has always been inspired by Bauhaus principles.

Spend some time @atelierakuko and get lost in the era-gone-by meets modern beauty.

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent pair perfectly old and new in their old new house.

You can book a tour of this artist community in Oaxaca, Mexico set in a Brutalist building.

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